We are Plymouth Pioneers

Hello! Sally Youn here with a blog post about how the extended school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic changes what we, as PTO members, do to support students and teachers at Plymouth. Many of the field trips we raised money for this year are cancelled or postponed indefinitely. We’ve had to cancel our family social activities like Family Game Night and the Dance Party we were planning for April, too. We were also starting to plan for next year, with many Executive Board positions opening up so that new people could bring their talents and ideas to the PTO. All of these things are on hold for now.

For many families, the past few weeks have been a series of a thousand cuts. Adjustment is difficult. I miss sending my children to school. I can’t do at home what the amazing teachers and staff at Plymouth do for them each day. Many families, including my own, have even deeper worries: getting the groceries they need, paying bills, going to medical appointments, or trying to stay well. This is hard.

But I have seen some very amazing and innovative things happen when people work together. Many volunteers continue to help local families by distributing food to all area children and seniors. Loads of social media groups have popped up like crocuses with neat educational opportunities for students of all ages. The weather is warming up and more people are walking in their neighborhoods and enjoying the beautiful window art that families are putting up in their homes. Many essential workers in health care, infrastructure, delivery, and service, including grocery and pharmacy workers, are reporting to work every day and working harder than ever. So many people around us are doing hard work to maintain our connections with each other. We are not alone, even if we are lonely. We are all in this together.

The PTO’s mission has always been to support the education of students at Plymouth Elementary School by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers. We can continue to do this by:

  • Sharing information we are receiving from Midland Public Schools. The best resource for up-to-date information from the school district is www.MidlandPS.org.
  • Creating a gathering space online for Plymouth families to connect with each other. A little later today, please look for our new Facebook group, Pioneering Together, and join us online. We miss you!
  • Supporting teachers and staff by amplifying communications from them, like read-alouds, short video messages, or more. We will be reaching out to interested teachers this weekend so we don’t interrupt what was supposed to be Spring Break, but hope that they will share what they have been doing with their classes.
  • Working on what we want to do to support Plymouth Elementary when we return to school, whether it’s next month or next year. We have a lot of fun putting on Talent Shows, carnivals, ice cream socials, and more. Can’t wait to get back to it when it is safe to do so.

What could Plymouth Elementary PTO do to help you during this time? Please reach out to us. You can connect with us on Facebook via Messenger or by email at PlymouthPTO@gmail.com. We are still here.

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