We’re the #1 fans of our Pioneer artists!

Submitted by Katie D., a fifth grade student

This year, we will highlight student-submitted art in a weekly feature on our Instagram and Facebook accounts and this website. Students may draw anything they would like, but we will develop prompts to inspire them. Each 8.5″ x 11″ art piece may be dropped off at the PTO mailbox in the school office by Thursday so they can be photographed and featured.

Upcoming themes include:

  • Week ending 9/20 – Burger Time: Create a burger to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day.
  • Week ending 9/27 – National Comic Book Day (9/25): celebrate by creating your own comic book character. Don’t forget to label any super powers!
  • Week ending 10/4 – Kindness Counts: Draw a picture of a good deed or random act of kindness.
  • Week ending 10/11 – Reach for the Stars: Draw a space-themed picture to celebrate 60 years of NASA.
  • Week ending 10/18 – Carnival Fun: Draw your favorite amusement park ride, food, or game.
  • Week ending 10/25 – Haunted Hallways: Draw a spooky scene.

Fan Art Friday #2 (9/13/2019)

Click each image in the gallery below to see it in full-screen size.

Fan Art Friday #1 (9/6/2019): Back to School

Click each image in the gallery below to see it in full-screen size.

FanArtFriday #0: Special Bulletin

Below are some extra-special back to school bulletin boards designed by classroom teachers. They certainly know how to welcome students back! Click each image below to see it in full-screen size.

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