Our Board and Committees

Meet our 2019-2020 Executive Board

Cassandra Honson

PTO President

I am excited to be serving my second year as the PTO’s President. The first year of my term provided many learning opportunities in how best to serve our community. It also served as a year of growth as the PTO established new roles, events, and operational practices. I am honored to be part of a team made of dedicated and passionate individuals.

I am both a parent and staff member at Plymouth Elementary – I was a Pioneer growing up, too. Two of my children attend fourth and fifth grade this year. Most students know me as Ms. Cassie. I enjoy seeing them grow and thrive within the school community. I want to continue growing the PTO and ensuring an inclusive and welcoming culture at our school.

Email me: PlymouthPTO@gmail.com

Katie Jayne

Vice President & Book Fair Committee Chair

My name is Katie Jayne, and I am serving in my first year as Vice President and my second year as Book Fair Committee Chair. I have a first and second grader roaming around the school this year. I was inspired to join the PTO after watching Bad Moms.

I look forward to taking on my new role as Vice President and hope to continue to make the PTO relatable on all levels. During the day, I can be found deciphering doctors’ handwriting and counting by fives as a Pharmacy Manager at Walgreens. I hope to see you all at our meetings. I will be the loudmouth in the back.

Angela Hathaway


I have two children: Matthew is a fourth grade student at Plymouth this year, and Lennon is starting sixth grade at Northeast. I work at 1st State Bank and Shipt and volunteer as an usher at MCFTA and as a Scouts BSA leader. When I’m not working, volunteering, or mother-ing, I’m a thrill-seeker at Cedar Point!

Help Wanted: Treasurer


You could be our next Treasurer! Contact us at Plymouth PTO@gmail.com for more information!

Meet our 2019-2020 Committee Chairs

Deanne Marszalkowski

Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Deanne Marszalkowski and my daughter, Abigail, is a second grader at Plymouth. I am starting my second year as the PTO’s Volunteer Coordinator and I LOVE it! Getting involved has given me the opportunity to meet parents and staff I may otherwise not have been able to. It has allowed me to meet and interact with the children my daughter sees each and every day. Volunteering has been a great way to teach my daughter the importance of participating within the community, and the best part…many activities allow for our family to participate together! You will often find my husband, Kevin, and Abigail working right along side of me.

In my spare time, I work full-time as the Marketing Administrator for Park Place Homes.

Hope to see you around!

“Many hands make light work.”

Sally Youn

Public Relations Committee Chair

My name is Sally, and my daughter, Katie, is a fifth grade student at Plymouth this year. If you’ve seen a Facebook post in the last year from the PTO, 99% of the time that’s me behind the curtain. I enjoy volunteering as the PTO’s Public Relations chair because I believe in its mission and appreciate its goals of inclusion and transparency.

When I have some free time, I like to make things. I don’t go anywhere without a knitting project or two in my bag. I also crochet, cross stitch, quilt, sew, craft, bake, and build Lego. My youngest child, Nathan, has ASD and needs a lot of speech and occupational therapy intervention, so making things and volunteering with the PTO help me feel productive and involved within the community. Little by little, I get things done. Little by little, our PTO can do so, too!

Help Wanted: Finance Committee Chair

Finance Committee Chair

You could be our next Finance Committee Chair! Contact us at PlymouthPTO@gmail.com for more information!

Help Wanted: Hospitality Committee Chair

Hospitality Committee Chair

You could be our next Hospitality Committee Chair! Contact us at PlymouthPTO@gmail.com for more information!

Help Wanted: Fundraising Committee Chair

Fundraising Committee Chair

You could be our next Fundraising Committee Chair! Contact us at PlymouthPTO@gmail.com for more information!

Want to volunteer with us?

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