Parking Lot Safety

One of the PTO’s most important missions is to help the school maintain student safety. We understand that arrival and dismissal times can be a little frazzled sometimes, but if we establish and follow these basic rules, we can help make sure each student gets to class safely.

Quick Links

Parking Map

Click the photo above for a diagram of the school’s parking lot system.


Be a Plymouth Parking Pal by helping students in the pick-up/drop-off lot. Click the image above to sign up!

Parking Rules

Get a refresher on the school rules by clicking the picture above.

Parking Map and Rules

Above is a map of the school parking lots. The lot in front of the school is reserved for school buses and handicap-accessible parking only. Families should not drop students off in this lot during normal arrival and dismissal times (generally from 8:30am-8:55am and 3:50pm-4:10pm).

The curbside pick-up/drop-off lot on the east side of the building is available for families who choose to drop students off without leaving their vehicle. Due to the moving traffic, this is the lot which gets “bottlenecked” more frequently. The school has established the following procedures to keep traffic moving safely.

  1. Use the right-hand lane closest to the curb to pick up or drop off your student.
  2. Pull forward as far as possible when entering the lot. Once your car is pulled forward and at a complete stop, students may exit the vehicle.
  3. Do not “leapfrog” other vehicles when you enter the lot. Wait for the cars that entered before you to exit before pulling forward as far as you can.
  4. The left-hand lane is for pulling out of the pick-up/drop-off lane to leave the lot. DO NOT use this lane to drop students off or to leapfrog other cars.
  5. Drivers should NOT EXIT their vehicles to open doors for students, unload backpacks or musical instruments, or walk students to the building. Please take the time to practice how to safely get in and out of your vehicle with your student. Use the parking lot between Plymouth and Northeast if your student needs help carrying items into the building.
  6. When the HAWK traffic signal is active, no vehicles should enter the pick-up/drop-off lot (including eastbound drivers turning left into the lot) until the signal ends and pedestrians have crossed.

The lot between Northeast and Plymouth is available for parking before and after school. Additional street parking on Baldwin St., Lancaster St., or Cruz Dr. is a short walking distance when there are special events at school and the lots are full.

Plymouth Parking Pals

Several parents and Pioneer family members have volunteered their time to help make sure traffic flows smoothly in the curbside pick-up/drop-off lot so students can safely enter the building. Our Plymouth Parking Pals – or parking lot attendants – will be wearing bright vests. They are happy to help students open vehicle doors, if asked. Please let them do their job and do not exit your vehicle if you choose to use the curbside pick-up/drop-off lot.

Families arriving to school have a wonderful opportunity to model the Essential Agreement when interacting with Plymouth Parking Pals. Please follow the rules listed above and any additional instructions they may give you. Remember that they are volunteers with family members attending your child’s school. Be kind.

If you would like to be a volunteer Parking Pal, we’d greatly appreciate it. Sign up at the link here.

Safety is our top priority.

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